Dane Weister:

Located: Salt Lake City, Utah

Taylor Luneau:

Located: Royalton, Vermont

Patrick McGarry

Located: Bellingham, WA

John Howland

Located: Salt Lake City, UT

Tear Drop, Mt. Mansfield,VT.

Tear Drop, Mt. Mansfield,VT.

Rooted in Burlington, VT, Dreamland crew assembled like something out of Captain Planet during the 2010 winter season. Bonded by a deep love for anything vertical, the Dreamland crew has been aggressively gaining climbing and skiing experience from Vermont to New Zealand. 

Dreamland is the product of, an overload of, combined individual passion.  Rooted, for the 14/15 season, in Big Sky Montana, John Howland Taylor Luneau and Dane Weister bring separate goals to the table, that all culminate in summiting the same peaks.  This collection of individuals provides a basis for cultivating greater knowledge, skill and awareness in the mountains.