Taylor Luneau
"The Yeti"


        A local of the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, Taylor spent his formative years exploring the ridgelines of the Green Mountains and fishing and hunting the diverse landscape of New England. After high school he spent two years traveling and playing semi-professional hockey until he returned to Vermont to attend school at Saint Michaels College. While there Taylor Completed a degree in Biology with a specified interest in wildlife and fisheries biology as well as forest ecology and environmental studies. He also became a student leader for the Saint Michaels College Wilderness Program where he guided backcountry pursuits ranging from rock and ice climbing to backcountry skiing. He would also spend two years guiding professionally for Petra Cliffs Mountaineering School as a rock climbing instructor. After completing internships with the USFWS fisheries division, independent wildlife biologist and graduating from college; Taylor would choose to move West to Jackson, WY to teach at the Teton Science School as an environmental educator. The Tetons provided big mountains to climb and an amazing community of explorers to learn new mountain skills from. After spending a season working as a carpenter and exploring the mountain ranges near Bozeman, MT, he aspires to continue growing as a climber, splitboarder, adventurer, mountain guide and teacher.